How to Earn Money Online With Google (5 ways)


Google provides many opportunities for people to earn money. You can also make money from home using Google’s tools, features. Today I am going to tell you about how to earn money online with Google.

Google is known as a search resource for consumers all over the world. If you like listening to music, travelling, writing, or looking for an address or product, then Google’s first name comes to mind.

Google AdSense

How to Earn Money Online With Google AdSense

The Internet is not another ad network that can beat Google AdSense in terms of revenue.

Millions of people around the world are making money from AdSense, even at home. You can also earn $ 200 to $ 20,000+ per month with Google AdSense. Maybe more than that.

If you want to earn money online from Google AdSense, then you must have a blog/website. Because AdSense will publish advertisements through your website/blog, you will earn through that.

If you do not know how to make a website, then you have to go to Google and do a search. “How to create a website/blog” You can go to any site and see how the website is created, after that you can go to the official site of Google AdSense and apply for AdSense.

As a YouTube

Let me tell you in advance that the video maker on YouTube is also called YouTuber.
This feature of Google not only gives you income but can also make you a celebrity on the Internet at any time.

Every day thousands of people are opening YouTube channels and making money by sharing their experiences or entertaining videos on YouTube.

You do not need any special qualifications for this. If you know, mobile and the Internet. So you too can easily create a channel on YouTube.

If your channel became popular once, you could also earn money by advertising in your videos. For this, you have to be accessible on YouTube.

Google Opinion Rewards


Make money From Online Survey

Google Opinion Rewards is an app if you want to earn rewards through surveys. For this, you will have to download the app and answer some questions about yourself.

After that, you will get information about the survey a few questions once every week.

On completion of each survey, you will get credit in Google Play store or PayPal. Credit can be up to $ 1.00. Surveys can be similar to reviews and user opinions on a topic to a person’s satisfaction.

Sell Books on Google Play

Make Money from Online Ebook Selling

If you want to do some creative work, then like writing books, and you want to sell it? Google Play allows you to do this. For the Google Play Book Partner Program. With which you can join and make money by selling your book or eBook. They are now accepting only a limited amount of publishers.

Depending on which country the publisher (author) is from, people from some countries cannot currently become sellers. In most countries, people can only buy books or pay their affiliates, although it is seen that they are also selling books.

Books can be in PDF or EPUB form. You have suggested both formats for this as EPUB provides readers with more flexible chapters during reading. Google will be in charge of all hosting, sales, and distribution of your books.You will only get a sales report and get revenue from each sale.

Another thing is that if someone searches for something that is not in the title of your book, but it is in the description of some part of your book, then it can also appear in the search results. It will also help in selling your books.

Selling Apps on Google Play

If you can create apps and you know how applications are built. So you can publish it on Google Play. You can also take the amount to download it. Or you can put Google AdMob ads inside the application. It is best way to earn money online with google play App.

You must be at least 18 years of age to publish applications in Google Play. The fee for issuing the application is 18 $,

When you sign up for this, at that time, you will be asked about the list of distribution countries. Then you have to keep in mind which country you are applying for. That is where your app will be offered.

I have told you five such ways by which you can easily earn money online with Google. You can start making money today by adopting this method.


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